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Older Entries

This is the part of my site where I write articles, rants, whatever you want to call them, about whatever I'm thinking about.

TMJ Bites... because I can't - My battle with Temporomandibular Joint Dysfucntion.

Jury Duty - Not as bad as I thought it would be.

I'm Not My Brother's Keeper, I Just Keep His Pets - It's so nice being the dependable baby sister.

Being Funny - Or, how to write a comic strip.

Body Image - Got a hangup? Join the club.

Letters To Gypsy - The ups and downs of taking in a stray.

At The Nudie Bar - My mis-adventure in a strip club.

An Intro To Me - Pretty self explanatory.

The Boom - Every night it's the same damn thing. Slim Shady lookalike wanna-be pimps cruising around town in their souped up Ford Escorts or Chevy Cavaliers, driving like frickin' assholes. Gimme a break.

The Boom, Part Two - A follow-up to my first rant.

The Boom, Part Three - The (hopefully) last in my series of gripes about lowriders and pimpmobiles.


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