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Redesign & Stuff

Finally, I got a few spare moments to update the site! I was getting sick of that purple background, as well as the zebra print shirt. Time for a change.

I also did away with the guestbook. Anyone who wants to get in touch with me can email me. I was getting sick of deleting spam and reading about immature dumbasses who's itty bitty feelings were hurt by my opinions.

Posted: 07/25/02 11:10 AM by Lorina

Lorina.Net is now a journal

Yeah, after having this domain name for a year and a half, I'm finally putting it to use. It's now a place where I can blab about whatever. Some call it a journal. Some call it a diary. I just call it my domain.

Posted: 03/14/02 04:02 PM by Lorina


Cheese-N-Rice.com is my comic strip that I've been thinking about for the past few months, and working on the past few weeks. There's already about a week and a half worth of strips on it, so if you want to start at the beginning (there's some that should probably be read in order for them to make sense), start here.

Posted: 01/23/02 06:58 AM by Lorina


Yeesh... I've been on a web-revamp frenzy lately!

DatingReview.com just got a facelift, and a bunch of new sites added to the directory. Check it out!

Posted: 08/04/01 08:25 AM by Lorina

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