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This site really has no purpose. I just had to own the domain name, before someone else did. It's bad enough a French Lemonade company beat me to Lorina.Com. I can't complain...It's yummy! It's a bit odd drinking a bottle of me, but it's damn good stuff. But there was no way in Hell I was going to let some porn site or something ruin my good name.

Let me ruin my good name.

I honestly just wanted the domain for the email address, but, as long as I had the name, I might as well toss some of things I've written on here. At least it'll save me time when I go to tell someone the same old story time and time again. I can just send them a link instead. Most of the entries on this site are just my own personal opinions, as well as strange things that have happened to me over the years. It's sort of a journal, but without as many updates.

I have over 10 years experience as a professional artist, working in all mediums from oils and acrylics, to web design, to print work. Some of my work has been recognized with such prestigious honors as "Yahoo Picks of the Week," "Yahoo Picks of the Year," "MACWorld's Best of the Web," "Cool Site of the Day" and "Go.com's Site of the Day," "Matchmaker.com's Site of the Month" (which ironically remained "site of the month" for almost a fully year), and the ultimate in geeky awards, the "MountainDew.com Site of the Week." Not to mention Artist of the Month in 4th Grade. Ooohh... I know you're impressed now.

My main "claim to fame" (if you can call it that), is my site Way Too Personal. It was inspired by all the weird people who responded to some personal ads I placed a few years ago. But not everyone was bad. It's also where I met my husband, Fritz, also known as Obnoxious Bastard. Bwahaha... yes. The guys who responded to my ads were so strange, that a self-proclaimed Obnoxious Bastard was the best of the bunch. Since then, I've remained fascinated by dating, relationships and personal ads, and participate in my online forum about internet dating, Dating Advice Forums, on a daily basis.

In short, enjoy your stay here. Don't take anything I say too seriously. No one else does.


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